chapter 7

Julian ordered a pizza and the three of them waited for it to be ready. Ten minutes passed and the pizza was ready. Nicholas cut it into slices and they all enjoyed their lunch.

After lunch was over they headed back school. Sherry went to the gym, Nicholas had a spare and Julian went to the English class and watched a movie. After the class, Julian went to her locker and got her gym clothes.

When Julian went into the change room, changed into her gym clothes and arrived at the Gym.

The teacher told the students they were playing basketball and to make two teams. Julian made her first show into the basketball net!

After Julian finished Gym class, changing room and changed into her normal clothes. She was through a crowd hallway.

The teacher walked over to the Julian and he asked you take a ballet?

no ihaven’t take ballets said Julian


chapter 6

Julian saw a new student standing in front of the class. The girl seemed very nervous.  Other students stared at the new girl. She wore her black hair in a ponytail and had bright blue eyes. She looked like a city girl.
The Teacher came into the room and told the class that they have a new student and to be friendly.Her name is Sherry.  The teacher told to please sit near Julian.
Students whispered into each others ears and stared at Sherry as she walked over to an empty desk. Sherry was very uncomfortable in the class so Julian introduced herself and shook her hand.Julian told sherry her name and that made sherry feel a little  better.
The teacher announced to the class to start reading their new book.  Ten minutes later the bell rang, and it was lunchtime. Sherry stood up and noticed Nicholas’s eyes.
“What happened to your eyes?” asked Sherry.   Nicholas told her that the got into a fight.
Nicholas had his arm awkwardly around Julian and ran his fingers through her hair.
Nicholas pulled away from Julian.
Sherry said she was sorry that he had black eyes.
Julian and Nicholas invited Shery to lunch and they all headed uptown to go get some pizza

chapter 5

Nicholas pulled away Julian from him. The men started to fight and punching at Nicholas, He try hard not hurt anyone.He punching back to him and continued fight for a while.
The teacher saw the fight and running over, it was too late the men running away and left Nicholas in trouble, the teacher you need to see the nurse.
So Nicholas and Julian went into the school and they headed to nurse office. The nurse looked at Nicholas’s black eyes and bruises. the nurse gave ice pack so swelling goes down.
Suddenly the bell rang. Time for Math class they headed into the room, she saw other student come into the room. she noticed a new  student.


chapter 4

The bus driver picked more students and continued to the school. It was a long ride so Julian put her earphones in. She listened to pop music while thinking about her dad’s favorite music.
Ten minutes passed, the bus was almost at school so  Julian pulled out her earphones and put them in her backpack. The bus arrived at school and she hopped off the bus. Julian saw her boyfriend, Nicholas
They have been dating for three years and her Mom loves him.
Nicholas told Julian that he missed her.
Julian said “I missed you too”.
Nicholas  said he saw her dad was in the newspaper.  Nicholas said “I am sorry you’re lost”.
Julian wrapped her arms around her boyfriend.  They started to kiss.
A tall man walked over to them.


chapter 3

Julian went over to her dresser and pulled out a pair of  pajamas. She quickly changed into the pajamas and climbed into her bed. It was getting dark and she fell asleep.
During the night it poured rain. She woke up and sat up in her bed. Julian noticed that it was hot and dry in her room.
she  got out of her bed and headed to the bathroom where she filled up a glass of water. She drank the entire galas of water. It felt good in her throat.
She then went back to her room and climbed into bed.
This time Julian tossed and turned all night.

In the morning, she got up and quickly changed out of her pajamas.
She headed to the kitchen for breakfast.

Julian arrived at the kitchen and saw her mom making a Potato Omelet. She enjoyed eating the omelet and after she finished she went to the bathroom and brushed her teeth.
She was getting ready to go to school.
She got her jacket out of the closet and opened the door.

Julian was waiting for the bus. a minute  passed, and she saw the bus and pull over


chapter 2

They entered the garage and hopped out of the car. Julian walked into the house and looked down at the picture of her dad. A tear started to roll down her face, and there was sharp pain her stomach.

she already miss her dad.   her mom came into the living room and sat near  daughter. her mom wiped the tear  off Julian’s face. her mom put a hand  Julian’ shoulder and told  Her daughter dad’s not around anymore.

Julian’s  responded with I am tired and headed to her room.


chapter 1

my dad is in the hospital. He took one last big breath before his heart stopped. Julian had tears starting to fall down her cheek as her mother came in the room.

Julian told her mom that dad has just passed away. Julian gave my mom a tight hug.

She told her that we have a lot of work to do with the funeral home. They both walked out of the hospital.

The sky was very gloomy, it looked as if it could rain. Julian opened the car door before getting in. As they drove home, the heavy rain fell onto the windshield and slid down the windows.