chapter 9

Ruth went out of the office and headed the classroom. she stands in front of the chalkboard. her teacher introduces Ruth to the classmate.

Ruth sat down in the chair and opened the desk. Ruth grabbed a paper and pen. she started wirte.


chapter 8

Ruth was at the bus stop.  this will be her first day at school  she nervous  about her classmate.  she saw Dancer gaze in her yard.

the bus pulled into a forth  door and climbed onto the bus.  she find a empty seat and sat on it.  ruth put backpack down on the floor,

in ten minutes the bus stop and pick more student, A tall boy was standing near Ruth seat. she move over the window and move her backpack. the boy seat down,

hi! my name is Paul, said Paul.

my name is ruth, I am new here and new student in the school.  I know about the routine first day I will stand up in the front the class.

ruth went over to offlice an


chapter 7


Ruth walked back to her room and fell asleep. During the night, Ruth woke up from the sound of an angry horse; she got up and walked down the hallway, opening the door and hurrying into the barn.

Ruth saw Dancer, her horse, kicking the wall of the barn. She went into the stall; the thunder was loud, and Ruth knew Dancer was scared of the storm. She got a halter on him and tried to calm the horse down.

\Dancer calmed down, and so Ruth let go of the halter. She went back into the house and climbed into bed.

The next day Ruth got out of bed and changed in to her clean clothes. She went quickly into the kitchen and saw her father and grandmother sitting down; they had mugs full of coffee. “how was last night?” asked her father.

“It was a rough night” answered Ruth, “Dancer hates storms, so he was kicking on the wall of his stall.” Ruth saw Emily headed to the barn, and followed her into the building.

Ruth went to the food room, getting some oat and hay for Dancer’s breakfast; Dancer ate everything, as Emily fed the other horse, Snow White.

After Dancer was done eating, Ruth put the halter back on his head. She let Dancer out of the paddock. Ruth went back to her house and went into the bathroom, where she washed her hands and went back to the kitchen.



chapter 6

Ruth finished her shower and went into her room to change quickly, it was pizza night after all.
It was also her father’s last night at her grandmother’s.  Ruth told her father about her adventures so far, she was really going to miss him.
When dinner was finished, they all went to the living room to watch t.v, then they heard a knock at the door –
it was Emily. “Snow White jumped out of the fence! Can you help me look for her?” she asked Ruth. Ruth asked her father if she could leave the house for a bit, he said yes. First place they looked was Rihana’s, and sure enough Snow White was there on the grass by the paddock.
The girls were relieved, “at least we didn’t have to look very far” joked Emily. The girls made their way back, a storm was brewing. Ruth was exhausted, she couldn’t wait to be in bed.



chapter 5

Ruth saw a girl coming out of  Rihana’s house. “This is my little sister, her name is Emilee” said Rihana. “

What’s your horses name?” asked Rihana.

Ruth hadn’t even named the horse because she was so busy making sure he would get better.  ‘

She thought about it for a minute, “his name is Dancer.”
“ That’s a nice name, this is Max” said Rihana while petting her horse.

Ruth was starting to get a little tired so she said bye to her new friends and went home.

Ruth went straight to the barn to unload Dancer, it was a hot day so she cooled him down by spraying him down with a hose and gave him water to drink. After, Ruth led Dancer down to the paddock.


chapter 4

Ten minutes after Ruth finished up with Dancer,

Emily arrived and also unloaded her horse in the barn.

Ruth asked Emily if she cools her horse down on a hot day like today.

Emily nodded her head and replied yes. Emily hosed down her horse and gave it some water to drink Then the girls fed their horses, and safely put them in their stalls along with hay.

Ruth was done for the day so she headed back to her grandmother’s house. Dinner was ready, but first Ruth needed a shower after the long day she just had.



chapter 3

The next two weeks were very busy for Ruth because now she had a horse to look after. Ruth noticed the horse getting stronger everyday, due to her love and care for him. Emily was proud of Ruth for learning how to clean the horse and bandage him up. One day, Emily’s father came over to the girls and told them that the  horse is good to ride again.

“But I don’t have a saddle or a bridle” said Ruth.

“We have spare ones in the stables!” Emily exclaimed.

Ruth and Emily both got their horses ready for a ride While riding, they came across another girl, Ruth and Emily got off their horses to greet her – it was Emily’s friend Rihana. Emily introduced the two girls, and Ruth said

“Hey, my name is Ruth, I’m new in town!”

“ How did your horse show go?” Emily asked Rihana. “It was great! I came in first!” said Rihana.

While Emily and Rihana were talking, Ruth took the saddle off the horse and put it on the fence, and tied the bridle to a tree.